Maisie Turner

Sales, Marketing & Fine Wine Trade

Maisie is the newest member of the team, having joined in March 2021. Currently studying for the WSET Diploma, she is trying to gain as much tasting practice as possible!

When not in the office, she can be found in a spin class at the gym, or out for dinner, as food and fitness are equally important hobbies. She loves travelling to new places and finding local wine tasting experiences to attend whilst there.

Vinous & Curious Q&A

What is your first memory about wine?

I think this is probably me hounding my family when I was much younger for a sip of the red wine at a dinner party. I was always the youngest by a long way and would feel that it was very unfair when my older cousins were allowed their very own glasses!

Your best memory, or a very special one?

When I was interrailing down Italy and I went wine tasting on Mount Vesuvius, overlooking the sea. It was incredibly beautiful, and the wines were delicious. This was the day that I fully decided that wine was the only way to spend my days, even though the seed had been planted long before!

If you could bring, only one bottle to a deserted island, what would it be?

Well, this is just constantly changing as I try new things! But, for the moment, I would say a bottle of Ciabot Berton Barolo Roggeri 2011. Not necessarily because it is the best wine I have ever tasted (although it is lovely), but because it was on of the first wines to truly blow my mind and make me pay more attention to what was in my glass.

If you were a wine, what would we read on your label?

I would hope easy-drinking, but with a good amount of power – I love fitness! Also – pairs well with pasta.

If you were not in the wine trade for a living, what would be your job?

Probably something to do with animals! Maybe working at a horse-riding school as I used to love riding when I was younger.

The perfect evening: what wine, what music, what dish, etc…?

An evening getting my friends to try weird and wonderful wines, whilst eating pizza and watching musicals. I am not sure they would be too keen on this though..!

And if not wine, what do you drink?

Beer or a fruity cocktail, ideally a pina colada!