Marion Tardiveau


The latest Decorum recruit just joined in October 2021; thinking hardly about attending a WSET Diploma class, Marion is always happy to try new and different wines in order to develop her palate. And if there is food involved, that is even better!

During the weekend Marion will be in fabric shops trying to find the latest fabric she needs or enjoying some times with her friends.

Vinous & Curious Q&A

What is your first memory about wine?

I remember when I was a child, my parents start to bring me into wine by smelling it first and then just ‘dipping your finger in!’. They were so proud! And then when I had the proper age (but we will keep that number a secret) I had the right to take a sip.

Your best memory, or a very special one?

A very special wine will be Jacques Prieur Puligny Montrachet Les Combettes 2004 that I tried when I was working in Vougeot, in Burgundy. Trying a wine with such balance and complexity in an old, typical cellar is an amazing experience! Very lucky to have such a work place for few months.

If you could bring, only one bottle to a deserted island, what would it be?

Champagne, I am so weak when it comes to bubbles! Or a good Gewurztraminer from Alsace.

If you were a wine, what would we read on your label?

Warm red wine with nice complexity, little bit of spices that can be soften with few more years of aging.

If you were not in the wine trade for a living, what would be your job?

I am passionate about creating costumes. I love taking inspiration from movies, tv shows, super heros… So I will say costumes maker/designer. I can spend hours trying to find the perfect fabric, hand sewing to have a project more ‘historically accurate’ and putting final details.

The perfect evening: what wine, what music, what dish, etc.…?

At my parent’s house in the South of France, rather outside on the terrace or next to the fire place depending on the season. The house full of the people I love the most, 40s/50s music (vintage addict here!), some grilled fish from the Vieux Port in Marseille to eat with lot of veggies and my dad’s famous potatoes gratin. White wine from the Cassis Appellation which is a local one from Provence and always a good match with fish!

And if not wine, what do you drink?

Scottish Single Malt, even better if from the Islay.