Bourgogne blanc, Boyer-Martenot, 2018


White Burgundy is coming back to its origins: elegance, subtlety and refined characteristics. The epitome of this cycle is Boyer-Martenot's Bourgogne Blanc. Delicate mineral notes intertwine with bolder vanilla and chestnut characteristics to make an easy-drinking, considered bottle.

Matthew Jukes, Wine Journalist:

"A thrilling wine, this is one of the most impressive BBs I can remember. Clean, bright, focussed and beautifully balanced, this wine is clean as a whistle, with heavenly restraint and beauty on display. It appears to me that this is not just a BB which is cobbled together from leftovers from other lieux-dits but a serious, noble wine in its own right. It takes me back to a time when Sauzet and others used to make Bourgogne Blanc that turned my head. Those days are long gone and there is a new BB star in town."

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Decorum says

Domaine Yves Boyer-Martenot

Like Fontaine-Gagnard and Jean Chartron, we have a lot of ‘previous’ with Boyer-Martenot. First off, it was Yves (a Boyer) with whom we used to taste in the cellar; then he handed us over to his wife Marie Cécile (a Martenot). Now, son Vincent is very much in charge, and is determined to keep pushing forward, aiming for the wines to be among there with the likes of Lafon, Ente, Roulot etc.
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