Garden Party


All you will need for warmer days.
Two of our most popular rosés will add some pink to the party, with the iconic Sauvignon Blanc from Jules Taylor bringing fruity freshness. Finally, this expression of Nebbiolo is the ideal suitor for those red-lovers in the group. Send the invites and start pouring these bottles!


12 bottles sold separately for £205.20 - Save £15 now!

Château Trians Rosé, Domaine de Trians, 2020 × 3

Provence is the top stop for rosé and Château Trians one of the finest examples.

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Langhe Nebbiolo, Spetacol, Renato Fenocchio, 2018 × 3

Despite the apparent ‘downgrade’, this is anything but, it would fully deserve to be called Barbaresco under any other name.

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Love by Léoube Rosé, 2020 × 3

Joyful and vibrant rosé, to be shared with good friends (or not shared at all!).

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Sauvignon Blanc, Jules Taylor, 2020 × 3

Grassy, summery, bright honesty with vibrant tropical notes.

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