Château Le Coteau


Eric Leglise


📍 Margaux, Bordeaux, France


12 hectare


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot


Nature approach, all about sustainability here


Château le Coteau is one of the last family properties of the famous Margaux appellation. Today, Eric cultivates his ancestors ground with passion and humility. The vines are grown in some of finest soils in the médoc in the Margaux region. Most of the plots are bordered by prestigious Grands Crus Classés. The soil is composed of gravel, left by the Garonne river millions of years ago, originating from the Pyrénées. These soils are warm, low in nutrients and very draining which suits the vines perfectly, helping the grapes mature. This terroir would be nothing without the Garonne micro-climate influence. Nature has found its place amongst the Château le Coteau vines. No herbicides or insecticides have never been used and the plough allows the fauna and the flora to flourish.


Château Le Coteau, Margaux, 2014
Eric the bee-man: a vigneron obsessed with letting nature do the work; the vineyards are alive with an abundance of wildflowers and bees, and the resulting wine is as harmonious as the environment in which it is grown.
Classic & Savory
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