Domaine des Combiers

Winemaker Laurent Savoye
Location 📍 Beaujolais, France
Size 9 hectares
Established in 1920
Grapes Gamay, Chardonnay
Specificity Manual harvest, sustainable agriculture, no chemicals.


There are approximately 9 hectares of vineyards, with 5 of those dedicated to the appellation of Beaujolais-Villages, made from 100% Gamay grape. There are 2 cuvées that are produced, Elégance and Prestige, but it is the former that does the best job, an ideal balance of fruit and acidity. All of the vineyard work is traditional: for example, no chemical fertilisers, only good old, solid, manure, while the harvest is manual, no machines involved. Maximum respect for the environment, and as little intervention as possible, just what we like to see.


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