Which wines pair best with my Easter meal?

March 23, 2021

Easter is looking like it will be the first holiday in a year that we can spend with family and friends, even if it is outside in our gardens. So, we want to help you celebrate this reunion with a selection of our top pick wines to pair with a few classic Easter dishes (and some not as traditional ideas). Please do get in touch if you want some personal advice.

Breakfast: Hot Cross Buns

Yes, we are starting early! You cannot have Easter without a hot cross bun. Although not traditionally paired with wine, we know that a beautifully buttery hot cross bun works incredibly well with some of our Champagnes. A creamy textured fizz will complement the butter excellently, whilst a good level of acidity keeps the palate fresh. If you are happy to invest a bit more, a vintage Champagne brings another level of sumptuous complexity that elevates the pairing.

The Starter: Smoked Salmon Blinis

Now that people have arrived, smoked salmon blinis are a great way to whet their appetites in small, neat mouthfuls. Make sure that you squeeze a bit of lemon on top and the combination of oiliness and citrus set excellent wine pairing criteria. Here, we would serve some wine with bright finesse.

The Main: Roasted Lamb

The traditional Easter main of roasted lamb is a great dish to pair with wine. We will stay with the glossier reds here, as they can stand up to the lavish flavours of the lamb. Make sure that you carefully consider your sauce, as this can change the dynamics of a pairing instantly. For example, classic mint sauce works well with the herbaceous tendencies of Cabernet Sauvignon, whereas a heavier gravy would be more suited to a resonant and plush fruity wine, such as Barbera.

Time to choose your Easter table wines!

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